Taylor County Social Services for Public Assistance

A Food Stamp Office is a government office at the local level that provides nutritional assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP benefits are available to income-eligible households in order to reduce food insecurity and poverty by supplementing the food purchasing power of the household. A Food Stamp Office can assist eligible families in enrolling for SNAP benefits and receiving nutritional assistance benefits. These food assistance benefits include a monthly stipend to purchase household food items or plants and seeds to grow food.

Abilene Health and Human Services Food Stamp Office 4601 South 1st Street Abilene TX 79605 325-795-5999

A Housing Authority is a government office at the state, county, or local level that provides housing assistance and support to income-eligible people. Housing Authorities offer a range of services, including rental assistance, access to long-term low-income rental housing, and housing support. Housing Authorities often provide additional support services to tenants, including education and job training, access to healthcare services, and other social services.

Abilene Housing Authority 4398 North 7th Street Abilene TX 79603 325-676-6032

Housing Authority of Abilene 534 Cypress Street Abilene TX 79601 325-676-6384

Merkel Housing Authority 731 North 1st Merkel TX 79536 325-928-4891

A Social Security Office is a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration, which provides financial support to elderly people, surviving family members, and people with disabilities. Social Security Offices provide services including stipends to retired workers as well as low-income individuals and people with disabilities. Social Security Offices provide assistance in enrolling for Social Security benefits, receiving Social Security benefits, and planning for retirement needs.

Abilene Social Security Office 1202 East South 11th Street Abilene TX 79602 325-672-0310

A WIC Office is an office run by the state, county, or local government that provides support to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, infants, and children. WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC is a supplemental food program, and in addition to nutritional assistance, WIC Offices provide additional benefits including health screenings, nutrition and health education, breastfeeding promotion and support, and help getting other social services. WIC Offices provide services to income-eligible families who require food assistance.

Merkel First United Methodist Church WIC Office 1202 South 3rd Street Merkel TX 79536 325-692-1680

Taylor County Abilene Public Health District WIC Office 850 North 6th Street Abilene TX 79601 325-692-1680