Cobb County Social Services for Health

A Victims Assistance Center is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that provides support and assistance to the victims of crimes. In many locations, the Victims Assistance Office is run by the local Prosecutor’s Office. Victims Assistance Offices provide a range of support services to the victims of crimes, including crisis intervention services, support groups, mental health services, and medical advocacy. Victims Assistance Offices can also assist the victims of crimes with obtaining compensation.

Atlanta Georgia Victims Assistance 3101 Paces Mill Road Southeast Atlanta GA 30339 770-333-9254

Cobb Georgia Victims Assistance 32 Waddell Street SE Marietta GA 30090 770-528-8556

Cobb Victims Assistance 70 Haynes Street Marietta GA 30090 770-528-3047