Bakersfield Social Services for Health

A Health Department is a government agency at the state, county, or local level charged with protecting public health. Health Departments may offer a range of social services, including educational programming on public health concerns like food borne illnesses, immunization, and infectious diseases. Many also offer clinical services, such as flu shot clinics, blood pressure screenings, and health consultations. Some Health Departments offer support services to families affected by environmental health problems such as lead poisoning or unclean water supplies.

Kern County Health Department 125 El Tejon Avenue Bakersfield CA 93308 661-868-5250

Kern County Health Department 1800 Mount Vernon Avenue Bakersfield CA 93306 661-321-3000

A Mental Health Department is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that provides social services to people with mental health and substance abuse issues. Mental Health Departments offer a range of services, including housing assistance, employment programs, and services for people with developmental disabilities. Mental Health Departments may also offer substance abuse treatment services and counseling services for individuals, groups, and families. Many also offer programs to help people with behavioral health issues to avoid jail and hospital visits.

Bakersfield CA Mental Health Department 2300 South Union Avenue Bakersfield CA 93307 661-868-6175

Bakersfield California Mental Health Department 2621 Oswell Street Bakersfield CA 93306 661-868-6750

Bakersfield Kern County Mental Health Department 2203 17th Street Bakersfield CA 93301 661-868-6800

Kern Co Mental Health Department 2525 North Chester Avenue Bakersfield CA 93308 661-868-1868

Kern County CA Mental Health Department 3300 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield CA 93301 661-868-6640

Kern County California Mental Health Department 1401 L Street Bakersfield CA 93301 661-868-6100

Kern County Mental Health Department 3715 Columbus Street Bakersfield CA 93306 661-868-7150

A Victims Assistance Center is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that provides support and assistance to the victims of crimes. In many locations, the Victims Assistance Office is run by the local Prosecutor’s Office. Victims Assistance Offices provide a range of support services to the victims of crimes, including crisis intervention services, support groups, mental health services, and medical advocacy. Victims Assistance Offices can also assist the victims of crimes with obtaining compensation.

Kern County Victims Assistance 1415 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield CA 93301 661-868-4535