Fresno Social Services for Families

Find Fresno California social services and programs related to families. Social services for families are provided by Child Support Offices, Child, Youth and Family Services, and Child Abuse Prevention Centers.

A Child Abuse Office is an office run by the state, county, or local government that is charged with protecting children from abuse and neglect. Child Abuse Offices investigate reports of suspected child abuse or neglect and provide services to prevent child abuse and domestic violence. Child Abuse Offices may also coordinate with local school districts to provide training, support, and assistance in reporting and preventing child abuse.

Fresno Child Abuse Care Line 24 Hour Service 1404 L Street Fresno CA 93721 559-255-8320

Fresno Council On Child Abuse Prevention 924 North Van Ness Avenue Fresno CA 93728 559-268-1118

Child, Family, and Youth Services are services offered by state, county, and local governments that assist children, youth, and families. These services can include efforts to end youth homelessness, programs to prevent adolescent pregnancy, and services to prevent violence against children. Child, Family, and Youth Services Offices also offer early childhood services, including childcare support, family nutrition programs, and support for children with developmental delays. In some locations, Child, Family, and Youth Services Offices also manage foster care and adoption services.

Fresno Children & Family Service 2011 Fresno Street Fresno CA 93721 559-253-9410

Fresno County Department of Childrens Services 2135 Fresno Street Fresno CA 93721 559-253-9105

A Child Support Office is a government office at the state, county, or local level that provides support and assistance in processing child support payments. Child Support Offices provide a number of services, including establishing paternity, locating non-custodial parents, and collecting child support payments. Child Support Offices also help enforce court orders for child support and assist families in receiving additional benefits for children. Child Support Offices provide services for anyone in the community who is eligible for child support payments.

Fresno Child Support & Enforcement Office 2220 Tulare Street Fresno CA 93721 866-901-3212