Bibb County Social Services for Employment

A Department of Labor is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that promotes a strong workforce by enforcing fair labor practices, promoting safe and fair working conditions, and developing employment opportunities. Departments of Labor offer a range of social services, including assistance to unemployed workers, job training programs, and assistance to workers with disabilities. They also support workers by providing assistance in finding employment and training opportunities.

Macon GA Department of Labor 3090 Mercer University Drive Macon GA 31204 478-751-6020

Macon Georgia Department of Labor 3586 Riverside Drive Macon GA 31210 478-757-4080

A Workers Compensation Office is an office run by the state, county, or local government that provides support and compensation for workers who are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease. Workers Compensation Offices offer a range of services, including wage replacement benefits, medical treatments, vocational rehabilitation, and other benefits. Workers Compensation Offices may also protect worker safety by enforcing labor laws. These services are available to both government employees and people employed by private companies.

Macon Georgia Workers Compensation 110 Holiday Drive North Macon GA 31210 478-471-2051